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The Eden Trilogy has been described like a sumptuous three course meal - the starter exciting your taste buds, enticing you to want more; followed by the main course appetizingly served up with surprises, concocted from a true, original source; followed by an amazing desert, created from both past and present ingredients, blended to complete all three dishes, leaving you fulfilled and enriched with an unforgettable experience tempting you to want to dip into more.

Beyond Belief in the Land of Rhythm

This true story, Beyond Belief in the Land of Rhythm, the second instalment from the Eden Trilogy, takes the reader on a mysterious journey across time and space to unravel the murder of a young girl.

Suffering from a fever in Playa del Carmen, Mexico, Lesley Ann Eden receives a message from a spirit who leads her to Cuba on a quest for answers to an ancient mystery. While in Cuba, she studies dance and music, staying with the locals to sample their lifestyle. Her spirit guide allows her to enter the mind of a princess in the Palace of Knossos in ancient Crete, where she witnesses the princess’ murder.

The author investigates everything she can about the girl’s death, and like a jigsaw puzzle, she pieces together the unbelievable truth. This woman’s journey reveals paranormal and psychic events that might seem totally Beyond Belief.

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Fire in My Hands (Through the Land of Colour)

Fire in My Hands Through the Land of Colour details the author’s real life experiences that no one would ever believe, until now…

For years, author Lesley Ann Eden has hidden her psychic and healing gifts behind a professional front; however, now she has decided to reveal and share the many amazing and incredible events in her life that will help us all understand and believe in a world beyond the mundane, routine one in which we all live.

Based on a true story, Fire in My Hands Through the Land of Colour depicts the courageous adventure of one woman’s battle to challenge herself on an expedition across Mexico, Guatemala, Belize, Antigua and Caye Calke. Strange and amazing things happen to her during this journey, which echo her life as a secret healer and psychic.

Three themes are intertwined into one remarkable story: the paranormal, including an exorcism in a brothel, the search for one’s self, and thirdly, finding someone to love.

Deriving from all of the struggles author Lesley Ann Eden encountered on her amazing journey, both physical and mental, Fire in My Hands Through the Land of Colour unearths some incredible memories of the paranormal.

"I read the first five chapters of your book last night!! Loving it! I only put it down as I realised it was half past midnight!" - Sally, dancer and teacher

"Hi woman with fire in her hands. Just finished reading your book and it feels like I've been on a holiday adventure with you, can't wait for the next!" - Mark (animator)

"Hang the tea, I'm reading your book! Fantastic. Thank you!" - Michelle, P.R. manager

"Have immensely enjoyed your book. What an amazing adventure. I love your style of writing, so descriptive with a wonderful choice of words and creative flair. Your story moves along quickly and with great interest giving me insight into the lives and struggles of the natives as well as their country and your own challenges and contemplations. I am struggling to put the book down!" - Beryl, company director

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Return: to the Land of Durga - coming soon...

Return: to the Land of Durga is a moving and emotional account of the author’s life in India and her first experiences as a young woman when she first visited the magical land and her reactions on returning forty years later. Like in her two preceding books, her travels are intertwined with astounding psychic and paranormal events which reveal a darker side to things beyond imagination.